All servers are rebooted at 4:00 GMT everyday.
The reboot is delayed on TDM/CTF servers which has 2 or more active players.

UrT 4.3.4 Lily TDM

  • Game mode: TDM (Team Deathmatch)
  • Max players: 32
  • Time limit: 15-20 minutes

Maps: BlitzkriegGame time: 9:32

Red (8)
Murlo, AssistedSuicide, C-Murder, that_Player, salimalgerda1245, Scorpion_12, Mantis_13, Raven
Blue (8)
one, PT.zezito(M.Kapta), tred, Sofan, ganymed, Cheetah_10, Tiger, Puma_9
Spectators (5)
beret, Pretty, zFeeder, Bradan, lelex34

Last retrieved: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 23:06:05 +0900

You can play on red or blue team. Please join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’.

UrT 4.3.4 Lily CTF

  • Game mode: CTF (Capture The Flag)
  • Max players: 32
  • Time limit: 15-20 minutes

Maps: VillageGame time: 6:24

Red (1)
Blue (2)
Bee_sausage_man, Tiger

Last retrieved: Wed, 20 Mar 2019 23:06:05 +0900

You can play CTF (Capture The Flag). Please join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’.

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In-game Chat Log

UrT 4.3.4 Lily TDM

9:55one: hahah
11:40nonon: lol
11:47C-Murder: heya
11:50nonon: hi c
11:53one: hi again c
12:05C-Murder: hey nononi, ready for a knife battle?
12:13nonon: already :p
12:18C-Murder: hahah
12:29C-Murder: see ya next to the window
12:37Ronaldo: lol
12:40one: haha
12:56C-Murder: haha
13:30nonon: oh
13:30C-Murder: hi again mr1
13:36one: lets have indoors knife only
13:56Ronaldo: wow n1
14:06C-Murder: hahaha
14:07nonon: lol
14:11one: hhe
14:22nonon: oh
14:26C-Murder: heya ronaldo
14:29C-Murder: ma nigga
14:30Ronaldo: hey!
14:45one: bad word count xd
14:48C-Murder: hahaha oooh
14:52Ronaldo: gg
14:52nonon: gg
14:52AssistedSuicide: gg
14:54one: gg
14:58C-Murder: gg
0:20C-Murder: hha
0:21one: damn xd
0:25C-Murder: 😛
2:32C-Murder: haha
3:24nonon: 🙂
3:41C-Murder: get down from the tree nonon
3:43C-Murder: not fair
3:47nonon: 😛
4:10Ronaldo: lol sorry
4:11C-Murder: jesus
4:13C-Murder: haha
4:18one: very satisfying
4:19C-Murder: i dont mind
4:32kengi: CIGARETE
5:02Ronaldo: n1
5:07nonon: 🙂
5:28nonon: :/
5:32C-Murder: haha
5:54Ronaldo: lol
5:58nonon: wow
6:20one: haha
6:24C-Murder: 😛
7:27Ronaldo: haha
7:55C-Murder: 😛 M
8:03C-Murder: hha
8:08one: haha
8:10C-Murder: hahaha thnx Ronaldo
8:16one: xd
8:17Ronaldo: haha had to get payback!
8:24Ronaldo: !!!
8:26Ronaldo: !!
8:26nonon: 😛
8:30Ronaldo: !! cant beat ya
8:34C-Murder: too slow
8:35one: 😛
8:37nonon: boom
9:51Ronaldo: dang haha
9:54one: lol
10:35kengi: 1ty
10:40one: 🙂
11:49C-Murder: hahaha me 2
12:09one: let me run
12:31C-Murder: hahah brutal
12:35C-Murder: u r brutal
12:44one: hehe
13:00C-Murder: saw meim coming with a knife
13:06C-Murder: but u decided to shoot
13:22one: i dint see you with a knife sorry 😛
13:28C-Murder: haha
14:53Ronaldo: gg
14:53AssistedSuicide: gg
14:54nonon: gg
14:54one: gg
1:07C-Murder: haha
1:17one: ty
2:59C-Murder: oou
3:50PT.zezito(M.Kapta): hi
3:55C-Murder: hi bro
4:00one: hi kapta
4:29C-Murder: uchie
5:29C-Murder: thnx 1
5:32one: 🙂
8:46one: haha
12:46C-Murder: sorry one
12:49C-Murder: i saw u
12:54one: for what
13:38PT.zezito(M.Kapta): kk
14:51AssistedSuicide: gg
14:51one: gg
14:56Murlo: GG
14:58PT.zezito(M.Kapta): next
1:21C-Murder: haha nobody there zezito
2:03C-Murder: haha
2:09PT.zezito(M.Kapta): kk
2:51C-Murder: hahahahahah
2:57C-Murder: that was u one, right
2:58one: mouse stuck xd
3:17C-Murder: ganymed
3:24C-Murder: there a few more weapons
3:47C-Murder: ooooouch
3:51one: hehe
4:44one: hahaha
4:44C-Murder: 😀
7:14one: you were low on health
7:23C-Murder: thats right
7:58C-Murder: wow
8:24C-Murder: 😀
8:29one: sry
9:28one: haaha

UrT 4.3.4 Lily CTF

18:51Bee_sausage_man: gg
18:55Tu_vois_lidee?: gg
18:55Murlo: gg