All servers are rebooted at 4:00 GMT everyday.
The reboot is delayed on TDM/CTF servers which has 2 or more active players.

UrT 4.3.4 Lily TDM

  • Game mode: TDM (Team Deathmatch)
  • Max players: 32
  • Time limit: 15-20 minutes

Map: BlitzkriegGame time: 3:57

Red (2)
Scorpion, Mantis
Blue (2)
Puma, Cheetah

Last retrieved: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 01:33:09 +0900

You can play on red or blue team. Please join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’.

UrT 4.3.4 Lily CTF

  • Game mode: CTF (Capture The Flag)
  • Max players: 32
  • Time limit: 15-20 minutes

Map: BlitzkriegGame time: 13:41

Red (8)
furey, Marquito, jimymedellin, ENDRIUU, leoTiger, Thomsen, Rudray_India, ggyyggyy
Blue (8)
Buddage, MARU, mon, Radar, Acciaiula, amors, Santa, qwerty
Spectators (6)
@->->---, Spikey, PsyrokX, lukka777, Yiriba, megheni39er

Last retrieved: Thu, 24 Jan 2019 01:33:09 +0900

You can play CTF (Capture The Flag). Please join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’.

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In-game Chat Log

UrT 4.3.4 Lily TDM

UrT 4.3.4 Lily CTF

5:00Radar: oh jesus
5:57Radar: left
6:00C-Murder: hha
7:57C-Murder: hahahah
9:06C-Murder: go gog
9:10C-Murder: its clear
9:29Harry: 2 auf dach
9:29C-Murder: hey you
9:57jimymedellin: sorry
10:49C-Murder: perfect distraction
10:58Harry: gogo
11:27C-Murder: sorry J
11:27jimymedellin: sorry
11:31Petrosky: sorry
11:53Radar: left
13:17C-Murder: Mr Radar whacha gon do here
13:40C-Murder: hahha
18:27Radar: mid
18:37Petrosky: finally
19:27C-Murder: haha
0:27leoTiger: ha ha , wrong pos
2:27Harry: thanks
3:15Harry: aua
13:05@->->---: gg
13:27Harry: gg
14:03furey: yeses and hellooo
14:40jimymedellin: furey
14:56@->->---: gg
14:56Harry: gg
15:03Harry: bb
0:46Radar: down left
1:29furey: oh
8:17ENDRIUU: lamy no smoke
8:19ENDRIUU: hehe
10:18furey: ups
10:49furey: n1
11:24furey: lol
11:25ENDRIUU: lamo jebana na hexah
12:25Juldeluxce: left
13:22Santa: gj
13:23Juldeluxce: defence
13:37ENDRIUU: @lamo na hexah
14:12furey: n1
14:20Radar: up
14:32Acciaiula: gj
14:55Radar: sii
14:55jimymedellin: jimyyy
15:00Marquito: halleluja
0:21Radar: ja sehr gut, blitzkrieg
0:15ENDRIUU: dawac makarony i inne lamy hehe
1:24jimymedellin: idiota
1:25Marquito: sorr
1:40ENDRIUU: fery hak
1:44furey: yea 🙂
2:46Marquito: pq
2:52furey: gg
4:41Radar: gygy take cover
5:35furey: yea 2 m
6:40Radar: left
7:09ENDRIUU: fery lamo na hexah
7:11ENDRIUU: hehe
7:15furey: gg
7:51Rudray_India: any hardware expert here?
8:09furey: realy#
8:20Rudray_India: any hardware expert here?
8:24Santa: yes
8:31ENDRIUU: n-o
8:36Rudray_India: how to fix speed.
8:54Santa: hold the power button for 5 seconds
9:02Radar: haha
9:05Rudray_India: okay
9:18Rudray_India: the thing is its a new mouse and wireless one
9:28Rudray_India: it is causing diversion in aiming
9:29furey: wireless for gaming b ad
9:40Radar: mid
9:49Rudray_India: why bad for gaming?
9:50amors: relay#
10:04jimymedellin: ataque
10:05Rudray_India: hey furey why bad for gaming?
10:38Rudray_India: why it is bad?
11:23furey: realy
12:04jimymedellin: go
12:46Marquito: base