Please follow the rules to enjoying play the game. Any cheats are deservedly forbidden.
If you are against the rules, you might be muted, warned or got banned.

  1. No whining or complaining: ‘f**king noobs,’ ‘only noobs here.’
  2. Never call out someone a cheater/hacker. Join specs or leave here.
  3. No excessive spawn camping/killing. It makes players frustrating.
  4. Do not suicide intendedly or repeatedly.
  5. Do not make team balance uneven.
  6. Do not use foul or abusive language.
  7. Do not complain to our servers or admins.
  8. Do not impersonate someone else.
  9. Don’t use offensive words or emoticons in your player name (as well as number-only names and bot’s names).
  10. Do not recruit or promote for other clans or servers.

Please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Join the team by selecting ‘Auto Join’. You will be relocated if your selection is improper.
  2. A balancer is enabled on TDM/CTF servers. The team balance will be adjusted automatically, if number of team players or their scores are unbalanced.
  3. Inactive or camping players might be moved to spectators automatically. Please ‘Auto join’ again, if you want to continue to play.
  4. You should not talk about non-UrT topics on the game server. It will be an annoyance to others. Please use a chat box or a PM on the website for that purpose.