This is the website of the Lily servers for FPS game called Urban Terror, which is developed by FrozenSand.


Abbey map added to CTF

We have added famous Abbey map to the CTF map rotation by request.
Because we thought this map is too small for CTF play, we haven’t put this map on CTF rotation.

We are worrying that some players might block the exit of spawn room or narrow paths.
Actually, on TDM, we have received a report that someone had blocked the exit of blue spawn room intentionally.
(We have already banned him)

Anyway, we will try and see what happens a little more.

Flag position changed on Blitzkrieg

We have got some responses after previous post. So we have changed the location of the blue flag on Blitzkrieg.

The flow of the blue flag holder is now same as the flow of the red flag holder.
After the player gets the flag, he can get into the house or run away.

Thank you for your advice!

The blue can win easily on Blitzkrieg map?

On Blitzkrieg map, a CTF player said:

Don’t you think in this map blue it’s more easy?

Yes, we recognize the unbalance issue.

Though we have changed the locations of blue/red flags several times, we still haven’t found the best locations.

Why the blue team can win easily – possible reasons:

  • The position of the blue base is higher than the position of the red base geographically. (advantage for offensive)
  • The blue flag stands on a flat ground, while the red flag stands on an uneven ground. (advantage for defensive)
  • The blue players can camp at a house near their flag. (advantage for defensive)

Please give us your advice if you have any ideas. However, we can only move the flags, and we cannot modify any structures such as wall or ground.