This is the website of the Lily servers for FPS game called Urban Terror, which is developed by FrozenSand.


New maps removed in CTF

We have removed 2 maps from the CTF rotation, as we have noticed many players refused to play with these maps.

  • Uptown
  • Coldwar

It is undecided whether we will add other maps to the rotation.

We are sorry it had to end like this.

ColdWar and 2 maps added to CTF

We have changed the map rotation of the CTF server, based on the result of the last voting.


  • Riyadh (9 votes)
  • Coldwar (6 votes)
  • Uptown (5 votes)


  • Terrorism 8 (4 votes)
  • Austria (3 votes)
  • Village (3 votes)

‘ColdWar’ was requested by the member MARU.
This map is large enough and almost symmetry. A short tunnel lies on the middle of map.
Some players would climb to hills/watchtowers, and snipe at someone on there.

CTF map voting now open

The voting closed on November 26. Thank you for your vote.

We created a map voting page, as we frequently received new map requests in the CTF.

We shall set up maps based on the vote result on the CTF server, if at least 10 members (may be changed) have finished the vote.

Please tell us if you know good maps which are not listed on the vote page.

Game mode of TDM server changed (Reverted)

This changes have been reverted. (Nov. 18)

We have changed the default game mode of the TDM server to FFA (FFA = Free For All).

As most players in the TDM have been moved to the CTF server, it is getting difficult to form red/blue teams.

This game mode will be changed to TDM during gameplay when at least 2 players join the game.

Account cleanup

We deleted the following accounts on our website because they have failed to get authentication:

#12 Maddad vn (registered on Jul. 13, 2018)
#60 Infinite Jester (registered on Sep. 14, 2018)
#68 AgentBG (registered on Sep. 21, 2018)
#79 Lobo321 (registered on Oct. 16, 2018)

You can still register on our website again if your account has been deleted.

In addition, please do not use a disposable e-mail address for registration.