This is the website of the Lily servers for FPS game called Urban Terror, which is developed by FrozenSand.


Game mode of TDM server changed (Reverted)

This changes have been reverted. (Nov. 18)

We have changed the default game mode of the TDM server to FFA (FFA = Free For All).

As most players in the TDM have been moved to the CTF server, it is getting difficult to form red/blue teams.

This game mode will be changed to TDM during gameplay when at least 2 players join the game.

Account cleanup

We deleted the following accounts on our website because they have failed to get authentication:

#12 Maddad vn (registered on Jul. 13, 2018)
#60 Infinite Jester (registered on Sep. 14, 2018)
#68 AgentBG (registered on Sep. 21, 2018)
#79 Lobo321 (registered on Oct. 16, 2018)

You can still register on our website again if your account has been deleted.

In addition, please do not use a disposable e-mail address for registration.

Server trouble (Nov. 7)

We apologize for the Lily CTF server partially being down.
It seems some people (depends on their IP address) could not connect to the server.

16:15 – 23:15 on November 7 (GMT)
1:15 – 8:15 on November 8 (GMT+9)

We have detected the suspicious connection on the CTF server at that time.

We need volunteers

The volunteer application is now closed. Thank you for your interest in volunteering.

UrT is still popular and many people enjoy playing on our server.

On the other hand, as our admin members have been decreased, it’s getting harder to manage the server.
In addition, we see some insolent persons who annoys others these days.

We need referees who watch gameplay and warn dishonest players.
Basically, referees can be involved in a short time at favorite time.

If you are interested, please send a PM to us (requires site registration).

Some members leave the admins

3 members will leave (have left) the admin crew:

  • akaneyu (Leader)
  • hubertstoner (Developer / Website design)
  • davidruse (Referee)

hubertstoner and davidruse have already left last month.

The leader (akaneyu) will leave the admins after the server maintenance.
You can still send a PM to lilyadmins. (Our member kohama will check it.)
However, please don’t send an e-mail to akaneyu’s personal yahoo account any more.

BTW, if we can’t find additonal members this year, we might close all Lily servers & website.
At least, we know that our server owner will leave the crew within this year.