Urban Terror Lily Server

Not so fast-paced shooting server 😉

This is the website of the Lily servers for FPS game called Urban Terror, which is developed by FrozenSand.


New CTF maps added

We have added some maps to the rotation on our CTF server.

Though these maps were created a long time ago, these are still playable even now.

Ricochet is a built-in map. Airstrip, Twins and Village are custom maps.
We added a bot support to Airstrip and Twins because these maps don’t support bots.

Site address now changed

We have changed the URL of our website. The new address is:


Though the old address is still available, you will be redirected to the new address if you access it.

Don’t use abusive language

We often check chat logs on our servers, and we see some foul or abusive words, especially on our CTF server.
These words make people uncomfortable, and keep people away from Lily servers.

Rule #6: Do not use foul or abusive language.

You must follow this rule. (You can check our all rules)
Otherwise, you will be muted and traced by us a while.

We check ‘strong words’ and ‘strongest words’ that are described on the following report:
Quick reference guide – offensive language on TV and radio [Ofcom]

Inactivity criteria change

There were problems related to inactivity players:

  • AFK players stay on his team at least 3 minutes.
  • Players who try to get a flag are sometimes moved to spec due to inactivity.
  • Some players kill enemies, but they never move on CTF.

Although TeamWatcher already has an ability of inactivity checking, we have changed criteria of the check this time.

If you never kill enemies in the last 3 minutes (even if you always were moving around), you are moved to specs automatically.

If you spent your entire last 90 seconds inside a 300 units diameter sphere (even if you killed some enemies), you are moved to specs automatically.

We think the criteria are not so strict and these changes won’t affect most people.

In-game vote decision is changed a bit

On our previous system, both teams (red/blue) had to vote on a command execution.
Now teams do not concern the decision.
The number of voters is now important instead.

[Vote status] Yes: 1, No: 2, Voters: 3 (needs 50 percent, 4 voters)

This means that 1 of 3 voters voted to yes and 2 of 3 voters voted to no.
The command will be executed by a 50 percent majority of 4 or more voters.

The followings are related topics.

!kickbots command

Once !kickbots command has been emitted, massive !restorebots notices will be displayed on your console.
We fixed this issue, and now these notices won’t be displayed any more.


Some people try to call for a vote many times in short time, so that is very annoying.
Please do not call for a vote again if a previous vote was failed, otherwise we will take away your vote permission.