This is the website of the Lily servers for FPS game called Urban Terror, which is developed by FrozenSand.


Happy new year 2019

Happy new year to everyone. We hope 2019 brings you all happiness and a great year.

Well, as you can see, our website has been renewed. We have changed the site design and added some new functions such as file uploader, blog, and etc.

In our game server, we got now 10 or more maps thanks to everyone, and we are hoping the game will become more fun and exciting now on too.

Meanwhile, FrozenSand (the maker of UrT) is working hard on Resurgence which is next version of UrT. We will pay close attention to their movements.

Player name rules

Though we sometimes see offensive or other improper names, using these names is prohibited by our rules.
You can see all of our rules.

The following cases are against the rule (This list is only a summary).

  • Offensive or dirty names (Ex: f**kyou, suckmyd**k)
  • Emoticons (Ex: >_<, :-))
  • Number-only names (Ex: 1, 2, 3, 111)
  • Bot names (Ex: Mantis, Scorpion)
  • Pretending to be admin or someone else (Ex: Admin or other player’s name)
  • Other improper names (Ex: name, playername, yourname, You)

Please be aware that we might kick you if we see you use an improper name.

Map rotation update (Dec. 2018)

We have got the following result after the last voting (Parentheses are votes).
This result consists of only maps with 7 or more votes each.

We have updated the map rotation on our CTF server according to the above list.

Well, we have seen some people tried to cyclemap the new maps (especially York map) in our test run. If you feel dissatisfied with the new maps, please write comments on the map pages.

CTF map vote (Dec. 2018)

This voting was closed on December 22. Thank you for your vote.

We have got ready to vote on CTF maps, so please access the voting page (click the above banner) and choose some maps you want to play there.
The voting period is 1.5 or 2 weeks (depends on the number of voters). Don’t miss this opportunity.

We have the following updates:

  • The bots issue is now fixed in Algiers.
  • New version of York map is now available.

And, you can write some comments on any maps, so these comments would be helpful for others.