14 thoughts on “York

  1. This is a good map and I like it. It’s a new map for many users and people need more time on it . I didn’t understand the high rate, but I spent more time playing and I think that I will have lots of fun here. I hope it’s the same for others.

    1. hmm it doesn’t feel as good taking the flag that way since the corridor is very cramped, making flag carrier defence a bit more difficult. but it’s not strictly a bad change, options are good! i think a lot of players will naturally shift their focus towards taking map control there and it’ll make defenders play more forward and aggressive if they know what’s good for them 😛

      the double staircase leading from red spawn is great but the flag position feels awful for both teams imo. being very close to the wall will make it awkward for defenders *and* attackers, and the sofa and hanging light in the middle of the room feel like unnecessary clutter to me.

      only been able to run around it on my own though, hope to be proven wrong in the server!

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