Questions & Answers

I cannot connect to Lily server!

1. Our servers may be offline because of some issues.

Go to our live page and check status of our servers.
If you see some error messages, please be patient until our servers will be recovered.
Of course, you can report the problem to us.

2. You may have got blocked by our balancer automatically.

Our balancer may have detected that you have broke team balance.
You have to wait for 1 – 24 hours in most case.

3. You may got banned temporarily or permanently.

You will get banned if you are against our server rules.
If you cannot connect to our servers for a couple of days, you may have got banned.

Can I report abuse?

Please report the details to us if someone refuse to follow our rules and is harming other players.

Your report should include the following information:

  • Description
  • His/Her Name
  • Date/Time (with your country or GMT-XX notation)
  • Server (TDM/CTF)

Why I cannot change my name? / Why do I have two names?

You are being marked by us for some reasons.
You can still change your name if you hope – Please tell us your new and old names.

Possible reasons:

  • You are too good/bad player.
  • You have been against our rules.
  • You have changed your name frequently.
  • Your name is hard to be recognized, i.e. face mark, numbers only.

Why I cannot move to spectators in game?

A lot of spectators make the servers slow down and cause lags.
If you want to stay afk, you should disconnect from the server.

Please add XXX map to rotation!

Ok, please tell me your recommendations. However, not all maps can be added to our rotation.
You have to consider the following points:

  • The max file size is 15MB.
  • The map is not complex and widely open.
  • Some bots can run on the map. We can still add a bot feature to *custom* maps. (Bots are good targets for newcomers)
  • People can climb trees/poles or sit on platforms or something.