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    hey pals! thought i’d share some of my more functional binds for CTF games, plus a little bonus script 🙂
    the ^1 and ^2 parts of the binds just change the colour of the text in chat. i’ve put my keys in but you can change them to whatever key suits you!

    it’s a good idea to drop the flag if you’re low on health, or if you want to hide the flag somewhere out of sight for the other team. sometimes it’s just fun to hand your teammate a steaming hot potato.

    /bind v “ut_itemdrop flag; tell_target ^1You now have THE FLAG; ut_radio 7 1 ^1<I’ve Dropped The Flag! @^2$location”

    this fancy keybind radios your team where you dropped it (that’s $location), or if a teammate’s name is visible on screen it will tell them that they’ve now got the flag. it won’t send the radio call if your teammate is there to receive the flag, which is good for minimizing radio spam. $location only works on maps where the author has set proper location flags, so keep that in mind. protip: don’t drop flags too close to bots, they are not very responsible with them!

    medding makes players vulnerable for a time, but is almost always worth the risk. dropping your medkit to another player makes healing faster, so you can get back into the action right away.

    /bind z “ut_itemdrop medkit; tell_target ^1You now have a MEDKIT; ut_radio 6 9 ^1MEDKIT dropped @^2$location”

    this bind functions exactly the same way as the flag drop bind. any player within reach of your dropped medkit will get the notification that the kit was dropped, otherwise a radio call will notify the team that a medkit is on the ground. protip: if you have time you can drop a kit, die, change your loadout and pick the kit up again – this gives you an extra loadout space for grenades, armour, or a secondary weapon!

    this is a standard keybind in the game options. the console command looks like this:

    /bind ALT “ut_itemdrop kevlar”

    so simple that it’s an included setting in game, but i cannot stress enough how important this bind is. apart from draining stamina at a lower rate, you also recover stamina and bandage faster when your kevlar is off. there are many situations where dropping kevlar is the difference between bleeding out and surviving, or the difference between getting fragged inches away from a flag cap and making it in the nick of time. protip: if you’re being chased by unarmoured opponents, slow them down by dropping your kevlar as you pass through a doorway.

    BONUS: “Iron Sights” for M4, LR300, AK etc. in UrT!
    this script allows you to “zoom in” a little bit with guns that don’t normally zoom. i don’t actually use this in my regular config, but it’s a fun thing to try out. there’s a lot to explain, but if you’re a fan of battlefield or cod this will hopefully seem familiar 🙂

    set ms_00 “set ms_f vstr ms_01; cg_fov 90; ut_zoomin; play /sound/zoom.wav; cg_crosshairsize “15””
    set ms_01 “set ms_f vstr ms_00; cg_fov 110; ut_zoomin; play /sound/zoom.wav; cg_crosshairsize “20””
    set ms_f “vstr ms_01”
    bind mouse2 “vstr ms_f”
    bind mwheeldown “cg_fov 110; ut_zoomreset”

    copy this into notepad and save as zoom.cfg in your /q3ut4/ folder, then open console and type /exec zoom.cfg to turn it on. if you normally play in lower/default FOVs then this will probably not help you, but it gives people accustomed to 110 FOV a new way to play. you may need to adjust the crosshair size to suit your needs!

    anyway, those are the actual useful binds i use. hope it’s helpful to anyone reading! let us know what are some of your favourite keybinds, be they useful, or just fun 🙂


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    Hi intrinsic, thanks a lot for those tips. I never knew about the iron sights one and I plan on giving it a try. With my eyes these days everything helps lol.


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    Hi all,

    zoom.cfg doesn’t work to me

    Unknown command “ut_zoomXXX”

    After having copied, pasted and executed the correct command.




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    hi drago, sorry to hear about your problem! i was unable to replicate the issue, but please open your config and copy the text in again just to be sure. re-executing the config has been able to fix other random issues in the past.

    ut_zoomin is just so that you can switch to SR8/G36 and be unaffected. you can remove the ut_zoomin commands if it continues to not work.

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