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    player name: {satan}
    14:29 into Blitzkrieg
    07 July 2019 UTC 16:12

    {satan} said “f4ck1ng idiot”


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    Here is a full chat log (timezone UTC+9):

    You tried to move Satan to spectators 4 times even though he was obviously active.

    [Mon Jul  8 01:06:20 2019] tourist007<>: !spec {satan}
    [Mon Jul  8 01:08:46 2019] tourist007<>: !spec {satan}
    [Mon Jul  8 01:11:42 2019] tourist007<>: !spec {satan}
    [Mon Jul  8 01:13:23 2019] tourist007<>: !spec {satan}

    Satan shouted the F word because of that.

    [Mon Jul  8 01:12:07 2019] {satan}: f4ck1ng idiot
    [Mon Jul  8 01:13:58 2019] tourist007<>: he is using bad language against me
    [Mon Jul  8 01:14:28 2019] {satan}: just because you ban me without a problem

    You mentioned that the reason you moved him to specs was because of his bad name.

    [Mon Jul  8 01:14:54 2019] ^0Patrol<*>: !say why.. move him to spec?
    [Mon Jul  8 01:15:09 2019] tourist007<>: his bad name
    [Mon Jul  8 01:15:24 2019] tourist007<>: everybody voted to move him in the morning

    The name ‘Satan’ might not be a decent name though, it is less offensive, I think.
    At least, !spec command should never be used in that way.

    Moreover, you changed your name to ‘{Jesus}’. (Your original name is denoted by <…>)
    I am not sure what you were doing.

    [Mon Jul  8 01:34:11 2019] {Jesus}<tourist007>: u ninja
    [Mon Jul  8 01:34:31 2019] {Jesus}<tourist007>: gtg

    Anyway, we will keep watching behavior of both Satan and you for a while.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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