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    One of the best works of map design of history. Dust2 is one of the best maps around.

    Recently due to an issue with the blue bots, it was removed from the map cycle. When I reported this issue, I wanted a fix and not a total map removal.

    I love dust2 and I am sure a lot of you love it too. Dust2 is the quintessential map, it is very strongly balanced many other maps cause the player unnecessary troubles which limit their skills and progress.

    “Dust2 is great for both teams and allows lots an lots of possibilities for you even if you are new to Urban Terror.. Only your imagination can limit you. ~Tristan”

    Dust2 is a role model for the other maps out there. We should not remove it, instead, we should focus on the fixing the issue or to remove the bots completely and allow this map in the map cycle only when there are enough players.

    until next time,

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    I think in Austria from time to time the same thing happens to the bots.

    (Dust2 and Austria are some of my best maps).

    If nothing else can be done I would rather play with inactive bots, but I am huge fan of these maps and this may not reflect what everyone else wants.


    I get back from short holiday on Sunday evening so may see you guys on CTF then,


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    I echo your thoughts Maru love Dust2 and Austria…. love to see Dust2 back again

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    need to put ai_no_pass brushes around those boxes to make them run around them

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    Luckily, this box was a normal entity, so removed successfully.

    unless i’m an author of these maps, not all objects can be removed or modified!

    Have fun 😺

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    Thanks Nonon!

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    If you still have questions or suggestions, create new topic.
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