Record a demo

Demo is a recording of activity in a game play, and is used as evidence of suspicious behavior.

How to record a demo

To record a demo, you first have to move to spectators. Then, left click a few times until the target player is followed.

Press the F12 key to start recording, and press this again to stop recording.

Recorded demo file is placed in <Your UrT folder>\q3ut4\demos.

You can upload it by using the uploader in our website. Please refer to Upload your files.

How to playback a demo

Put the demo file into your demo folder (as noted above) first if you have obtained it from our website or somewhere.

Select the ‘Demos’ in your UrT menu.

Then, select the demo you want to watch and click ‘play demo’ button.

You can stop the demo play by pressing the ‘Esc’ key or clicking the screen.

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