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My son on urt

Hello all, some players have notice but i explaine for all lilys, my son play now urt, i stop for him fortnite, very negative game i think. His name is youtubetazz. Some time i play with, to show him. Realhumanbean have notice that this morning. Urt the only game.

Kingdom… This biggie is fun. Sniping, running, automatic rifles…

I miss this map.  This is one of my favorite maps 5 years ago.  When I came back playing UrT again last month, I can’t seem to find a server playing this map.  Just nostalgic…  Can we still get this map?

Another portia:) of a cute and smart creatures

This is very intelligent spider Portia.



Dont kill animals, and especially arthropods, they get a completely undeserved portion of contempt from us, the people.