CTF map vote (Jan. 2019)

This voting was closed on January 21. Thank you for your vote.

We have got ready to vote on CTF maps, so please access the Map voting page and choose some maps you want to play there.
The voting period is a week. Don’t miss this opportunity.

We have the following updates:

  • Ramelle and Oildepot map has been added.

And, you can write some comments on any maps, so these comments would be helpful for others.

Map voting page

3 thoughts on “CTF map vote (Jan. 2019)

  1. All maps are very good but How many are to be chosen there is a lot of Tremendous maps and a larger list of maps in the cycle would remove the complacency one might get as to, oh yeah this one again.
    I believe it would be much more interesting because you might leave out some great maps!Just saying.

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