Player name rules

Though we sometimes see offensive or other improper names, using these names is prohibited by our rules.
You can see all of our rules.

The following cases are against the rule (This list is only a summary).

  • Offensive or dirty names (Ex: f**kyou, suckmyd**k)
  • Emoticons (Ex: >_<, :-))
  • Number-only names (Ex: 1, 2, 3, 111)
  • Bot names (Ex: Mantis, Scorpion)
  • Pretending to be admin or someone else (Ex: Admin or other player’s name)
  • Other improper names (Ex: name, playername, yourname, You)

Please be aware that we might kick you if we see you use an improper name.

3 thoughts on “Player name rules

  1. Thanks, I see the odd bad one sometimes, and also some bad language. I hope people remember that sometimes kids are playing on here too. My 2 boys used to kick my butt regularly when they used to play lol.

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