Smoke grenades – afterwards

We polled on using smoke grenades on the CTF couple of weeks ago.

We are sorry that the poll should have been limited to registered users.
We have identified that many votes were invalid after we checked the log.
These are fake votes created by a Tor browser.

Anyway, we have enabled smoke grenades on both servers.
If you hate smokes, you can disable them by calling !nosmoke or !disablesmoke (lasts for a round).
Though these commands require voting, the criteria are not so strict, so the voting will pass unless someone refuses by !n.

Good & bad usages of smoke grenades are shown below:

Good usage:

  • Throw grenade to an area that players usually camp at.
  • Use grenade to cover yourself when you are running away (especially holding a flag on CTF).

Bad usage:

  • Throw grenade into a spawn area – Respawned players cannot start to move.
  • Camp at your base or flag and fill there up with smokes always (especially on CTF).