In-game vote decision is changed a bit

On our previous system, both teams (red/blue) had to vote on a command execution.
Now teams do not concern the decision.
The number of voters is now important instead.

[Vote status] Yes: 1, No: 2, Voters: 3 (needs 50 percent, 4 voters)

This means that 1 of 3 voters voted to yes and 2 of 3 voters voted to no.
The command will be executed by a 50 percent majority of 4 or more voters.

The followings are related topics.

!kickbots command

Once !kickbots command has been emitted, massive !restorebots notices will be displayed on your console.
We fixed this issue, and now these notices won’t be displayed any more.


Some people try to call for a vote many times in short time, so that is very annoying.
Please do not call for a vote again if a previous vote was failed, otherwise we will take away your vote permission.