We are preparing new UrT 4.3.4 servers

UPDATED on June 30:

A new TDM 4.3.4 server will be launched at 6:00 on July 1 (UTC).

And, our FFA 4.3.3 server will be shut down on that day because people will no longer play on the server.

You might already know, Frozen Sand – the makers of the game, released Urban Terror 4.3.4 on June 21.
This release contains security fixes and several bug fixes.

We plan to launch the 4.3.4 servers as follows:

New TDM/CTF 4.3.4 servers will be launched in a couple of weeks.
Although our TDM 4.3.3 server will be shut down after that, our CTF 4.3.3 remains until next version comes.